Finally, after years of playing around with game development and making prototypes and unfinished games, I started making a real game that I will release in a couple of weeks. I wanted to explain what’s the design process I followed.

Prior to this one, I started another game a few months ago. It requires a lot of hand-crafted content to make it a viable game, and I felt that it would take me too long for a first game, so I decided to park it and start again, much smaller.

The idea

Originally, this wasn’t even to be a complete game, just…


As I went full-time into game development recently, I started having a more serious look into game development tools. I already spent some time at the beginning of the year, and tried game engines such as Unity or Godot, and frameworks such as love2d. But now that I’m going all in, I needed to do a proper research to decide what tool suits me better.


Before studying the tools available, I had to make sure I had a clear idea about what my requirements are. This is not a easy task, as you cool potentially need anything, depending on the…

Making a video game involves combining very different disciplines together, varying from arts to technology. As if we had a palette and an empty canvas, we take some parts of each one, mix them together, and create a game. All of these areas are important. Even if some games minimise the use of some of them, the most acclaimed games usually shine at all of them.

Each of these disciplines can take a decade or longer to get good at them, and a whole life to master. …

Sergio Rodrigo

Software developer and Game developer. I love Programming and Video games.

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